Fast gastric emptying

Moves pass your stomach quickly for optimal energy absorption

Highly soluble

Ability to mix at high concentrations

Sustained energy release

Better balanced blood sugar level to prevent insulin overload

Reduced physical and mental fatigue

Ingredients targeted towards fuelling your brain and body.

Professional Strength Hydration

Complete profile of electrolytes and minerals

349mg Sodium
156mg Potassium
57mg Magnesium
4mg Iron
105mg Calcium
3mg Zinc
7mg Selenium
15mg Iodine

Mental Performance Boost

Natural Nootropic Blend

47mg Ginkgo Biloba
17mg Rhodiola Rosea
35mg Caffeine

what others are saying

Best I've felt!

"It’s really helped me and I’ve noticed that since I’ve been using it, I feel a lot less fatigued during and after my runs."

— Mitch Fong - Runner

Can't swim without it.

"I no longer bonk during my 2 hour swim training. You can really feel the difference in longer sessions especially at the end."

— Connor Whiteley - NSW State 5000m Champion & State Triathlete

Suits my body better

"A product like this, anyone can have in their bottle"

— Charlotte Culver - Former XCO Mountain Bike National Champion 🇦🇺

Award Winning Patented Carbohydrate

H.2.T SuperFuel is formulated around a highly branched-cyclic dextrin (Cluster Dextrin) Cluster Dextrin® is a carbohydrate that is 100% soluble in water, making it capable to be mixed at higher concentrations meanwhile absorbed much quicker and easier than other carbs. It is engineered to maximize bioavailability so you get the most out of each gram ingested, and absorbed fast!

It doesn't behave like any traditional starch. Consuming Cluster Dextrin® doesn't suddenly spike your blood sugar levels or insulin response and releases energy smoothly into your bloodstream. Ultimately allowing you to feel in control and consistent with your performance.

Due to it's low GI charateristic, your body can continue burning fat as fuel. The ability to utilise dual sources of energy (carb and fat), can improve your overall endurance performance and energy efficiency.

There's more, it's easy on your gut. Avoid potential GI issues due to it's low osmotic pressure so nothing can distract your focus to perform.